The clouds are reappearing, gray, sometimes, but mostly wispy white, bringing along with them my favourite petrichor, at times. I walk mindlessly around the campus, to where the new grass basks in the golden-pink sunset, gleaming in the ticklish touch of the mild rays that traveled 93 million miles, perhaps to serve this tender purpose. The Trumpet Tree laughs heartily at the shy grass, and with every peal of joyous laughter, she showers graciously upon the grass her yellow blossoms. I sit beside the Trumpet Tree, and watch the red-gold disk of fire set into the horizon. The grass welcomes me, and the kind tree kisses my forehead with a flower, which stays on my hair for a long, long time after. I sit, and bare myself to the wind that reminds me of a lost love, in the way that it takes away from me all the fatigue I had brought upon myself throughout the day’s mundanity, never to bring it back again for the remainder of the date. I had come hoping to see the stars rise, but was greeted with the adolescent clouds instead, who struck against each other and kissed passionately, and their sparks of attraction made me hopeful of rain, their adventurous, naughty love child. They’re adolescents, like I said, and they quickly moved on after their short-lived waltz, stirring up the earth and romantics like me. The fallen leaves blushed and gleefully said yes when the wind asked them for a dance. The Trumpet Tree whispered something to the Wind, and giggled, and the Wind and leaves pulled my soul into their group, and we danced in a frenzy. I’m glad I said yes, and let my heart dance joyously with the wind and the leaves, and the Trumpet Tree laughed and swayed and clapped in excitement. There was a music that we made, a merry song to which we danced, and the grass, aroused by this magic, stood up and gifted me what I had missed for a long, long time – the euphoria of petrichor. I elevated to a state of trance that transported me away from the world, and I let my Being dance with the elements. I am filled with immense happiness and hope, and I feel as if this is the heaven that I had unknowingly strived for, through all my struggles in the past. Every moment I had picked myself up and empowered my Self to hold on, even if there was no reason that was apparent to me then, felt like it existed to unfurl before me the wonders of the universe, such as this moment. I wish to dance, and dance, and dance until my caravan arrives to sail me away to another world.


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