Red turns green,

The orange flickers,

The kites make their last glorious glide through the violet smog

Of a scraped metro sky that’s gasping for breath

In the midst of all the glitter,

Golden and silver,

Streets and highways

Brown, black and yellow

Faces, peach and dusky

Joyous and masked

Giggling, blinking,

Motionless, crying

Hopeful, nervous,

Abuzz with painted words

Fluttering through the metropolis

Never still for too long.

Moving, constantly trafficking

Chasing a life that’s constantly changing buses:

Red, green, yellow and blue.


A runaway train,

Speeding its way into our lives.

The clapping drops,

The lights freeze,

The muezzin forgets a prayer line

All crusades halt

The stars skip a twinkle

The city holds its breath

And for a moment,

It’s a magical “shush”

When in the midst of all this hustle

The only honking I can hear

Is between the beats of my heart,

Racing past each other

Running free, gloriously,

Not caring to know where the finish line is

Flushing my cheeks

Red, green, yellow and blue

Putting up an artwork on an animated canvas

The one that the stars held their patience so long for

Signaling the cosmos to stand still

To focus its light on the sparkling moment

When your fingers find

Their way around mine.

Ashmita Chakraborty




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